Friday, June 5, 2009

Warren Buffett March 2008

In March of 2008 some MBA students from the Ivey School of Business were lucky enough to meet Warren in Omaha. Below is the transcript of the event.

Some classic Buffett (Excerpts):

"Only listen to what [Mr. Market] says in the context of: when this guy gets way out of line I am going to wack him."

"Capitalism does have a tidal wave of prosperity, but it gets interrupted when people do foolish things."

"[A Harvard MBA student] said he was thinking about getting a job in management consulting next, because that would be the perfect culmination of his resume. I asked him how old he was. He said 30. I said 30 and you already got all this stuff and you are still thinking about spending another couple years doing something you dont really want to do because it will make your resume be even better? I said that sounds a little to me like saving up sex for your old age."

Direct link to the article via Ivey School of Business: Warren Buffett March 31, 2008
Direct link to the Ivey School of Business Website: Ivey School of Business- Ben Graham Center for Value Investing

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Buffett March 31 2008


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